Night Guards (NTI)

The NTI Nightguard

NTI is a dental appliance for the treatment of migraine pain and associated tension headaches. NTI is a product made exclusively at NDX. By reducing muscle contraction intensity during parafunctional activity, the NTI-tss Plus minimizes tooth wear, reduces joint strain and disc load and decreases muscle tension leading to fewer migraines and morning headaches.

NTI Appliance? What on earth is that and why would anyone brand a product with that name? Well, I must tell you, it’s obvious the dental industry loves three-letter anonyms. The NTI device is a mouth guard for TMJ that is cleared by the FDA. If that acronym rhetoric doesn’t get you excited, there’s not much else in dentistry. But I digress. Here’s why it all matters, the NTI night guard is the only single-piece mouth guard cleared to treat bruxism, headaches, and symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder. It is available by prescription only at your dentist.

In this article, we’ll discuss the NTI-TSS appliance, how it works, and why the NTI night guard for TMJ is different than what you might buy over the counter.

NTI Night Guard: Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a night guard for TMJ or for migraines, you’re on the right track. The jaw, in all its glory, does cause a surprising amount of issues in the head and neck. And what’s worse is… many people are not aware that it’s even a potential cause.


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