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Dentist Near Me Gary Kijanka DMD - Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

posted Jan 15, 2018, 12:14 PM by Gary Kijanka

How This Works: 

Answer a few simple questions and our search algorithm will match you with several local dentists based on hundreds of compatibility factors. Then one of our experts will call to help you schedule an appointment with your perfect match. 

All of the Dentists in our network go through a rigorous approval process including: 
  • Confirmation of state licenses 
  • A review of criminal and malpractice background reports 
  • Confirmation of active malpractice insurance 
  • Online reputation check including patient reviews and news stories 

Your Information Helps Us Find a Dentist: 
  • Understand your dental needs 
  • Support your insurance plan 
  • Discuss your choices for a dentist 
  • Check availability and schedule 
  • Answer any concerns or questions
Dentist Near Me PGA, FL